Padeswood and Buckley Golf Club

200 Club

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The 200 Club raises money for course or clubhouse improvements with a monthly draw giving you a chance to win a cash prize. It costs just £5 a month.

200 Club members alone decide what to spend the money raised on.

See the link below to see which projects the 200 Club has funded.

Pictures: New Durabunker on 11th, New Durabunker on 10th, Causeway Path Resurfacing

The prizes for each monthly draw are-

1st £75, 2nd £50, 3rd £30 in Jan, Feb, Apr, May, July, Aug, Oct and Nov
1st £125, 2nd £75, 3rd £50 in March and September
1st £300, 2nd £200, 3rd £125 in June and December

The prize-winners' names are posted on The P&B Facebook page. Click the Facebook icon below or on our Home page.

If you want to join the 200 Club and help raise money for course/clubhouse improvements, have a chat to Nigel Bingham or Andy Bingham, or email Nigel Bingham. There are plenty of application forms behind the bar and in the Pro Shop