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World Handicaps

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The World Handicap System (WHS) replaced the Congu Unified Handicap System in Nov 2020. It includes the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System. Its purpose is to enhance the enjoyment of the game of golf by allowing golfers to compete fairly on any course in the world.

To learn more see Wales Golf

If you register with Wales Golf you can also see your handicap on their website.

How to get a Handicap Index If you are joining us directly from another club and have a handicap index then you will also have a CDH No. and a Handicap Record which the club can access.

If you do not have a Handicap Index or it has lapsed you will need to submit three 18 hole cards for this course, signed by a member. You will then be allocated a Handicap Index which will be put on the board in the locker room. It will also appear on the website. To ensure you play off the correct Handicap Index and have an up-to-date copy of your playing record you should register with My Wales Golf or the Wales Golf app.

Casual Scores Your handicap index is calculated from your last 20 rounds to accurately reflect your playing ability. The submission of Casual Scores is designed to help achieve this. You can submit scores from casual rounds for handicapping purposes but you must pre-register before you go out to play. If playing any course in Wales you can pre-register and enter your score using the Wales Golf app, returning your card to your home club. If playing your own course you can pre-register using MSi (Manual Score Input) by signing in on the Today's Golf page of HowDidiDo, or by using the touchscreens in the clubhouse. Enter your score after your round and return your card.
Casual Scores are only acceptable for handicapping purposes if there are no more than two temporary greens in play over 18 holes or one over 9 holes. All cards must be returned and signed by both player and marker.

If anyone would like assistance using MSi then please contact the Match and Handicap Secretary

Course & Slope Tables These tables are available as a link at the bottom of this webpage, in the locker rooms, outside the Professional’s shop and on the first tee.

Always check your Handicap Index on the day of a competition before you go out to play. Once you have a Handicap Index you can play with the Course Handicap which corresponds with the Handicap Index for whichever tees you are playing off. Depending on the format you are playing then an allowance may be applied to your Course Handicap to give you a Playing Handicap.

The important thing to remember is that you should always mark your card off your Course Handicap which is used to calculate any handicap adjustment that may be made. Your Playing Handicap is used to determine the outcome of the competition.