Padeswood and Buckley Golf Club

Welcome to Padeswood and Buckley Golf Club.

Here's some information to help you to enjoy your day.

In the Clubhouse

Door code Please ask in the Pro Shop for the Door Access Code
Wi-Fi There is free Wi-Fi in the Clubhouse. Username PGC Guest, Password Belfry2020!

On the Course

Distance Markers where present indicate distance in yards to the middle of the green.
Flags Each pin position is indicated by the flag colour. Red-front, Yellow-middle, White-back
On-course Toilets Situated to the right of the 4th fairway, behind the 10th green.
Preferred lies Are not in operation
Goose Dung Can be treated as a Loose Impediment or Ground Under Repair. Can also be removed from the line of play on the putting green.
Tree stumps If the stump has been ground away then they can be treated as GUR. If the stump is present, the area is in play.
14th hole There are two tees. The raised tee behind the 13th green or across the causeway and turn left. Check with Pro Shop which to use.
Defibrillators There are 3 defibrillators. 1) In the Clubhouse lobby 2) By the on-course toilets. 3) By the 12th tee. The on-course defibrillators require code C159X.
Buggies We have 9 lithium battery buggies to hire subject to availability unless pre-booked via the Pro Shop